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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by MoodyM, Mar 1, 2013.

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    I have a WD TV Lube Hub media center hooked up to my TV/surround system in the living room, and it's loaded with movies, all in mkv container, DTS or DD 5.1 sound.

    I've been using iVI Pro/iFlicks/Road Movie to convert them for iPad, using pass-through video conversion settings so they just convert the audio to AAC 2 channel and leave the video as-is, and re-container it. Very quick, and works a treat.

    Problem is, it means I end up with 2 copies of the same movie on the drive (1 with a DTS/DD 5.1 audio track, 1 with a 2 channel AAC audio track).

    Is there any of simply inserting the 2 channel AAC track into the existing movie file so it'll play on iPad?

    I don't want to simply use the AAC 2 channel version of the movie for everything and delete the other one, because if I decide to watch the movie on the TV in the living room I then won't have DTS/DD 5.1 surround sound.
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    shouldnt the audio stream downconvert to play fine on the ipad? DD is a format that allows for downsampling for people with a stereo only setup.
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    Nope. The problem is:

    - he has MKV files, which aren't iDevice-friendly
    - on top of that, he has DTS audio, which 1, MUST be converted 2, can be included in MP4 (m4v / mov) files only unofficially.

    These all mean you would need to use third-party players to play these files. Unfortunately, all have their quirks because of Apple's not allowing for direct H.264 decoding in hardware.


    Give a try to MP4Tools. If you check in the "add 2-Ch Track" while keeping "Pass Thru" on. Don't pay attention to the app's rendering the "Pass Thru" option by red - it WILL work.

    In the following screenshot, I've annotated this checkbox / radio button for you:


    The output M4V will have both a new AAC and the original DTS audio tracks (I've annotated them too):


    (the source for this example is the standard test Monsters MKV with DTS audio at )

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