Adding a currency symbol prefix to a cell in Excel

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    Mar 31, 2010
    Instead of using the built-in Excel options for currency, I'd like to create a custom symbol for a currency. For some currencies, Excel uses the actual symbol itself, such as $, €, ¥, et cetera. For others, it uses the three-digit currency code, which is not a symbol itself.

    For example, BOB is the currency code for Bolivian bolivianos, so Excel would display it as 100 BOB if I chose the bolivianos option. In this example, I'd like to create a custom prefix that adds "Bs." to the beginning of the number in the cell, while still treating it like a number, so I can use formulas to add multiple cells and total my spending, as well as convert said total into USD.

    I can't seem to figure out how, as my best guess in Format --> Format Cells… --> Number --> Custom gives me an error, which I'm attaching as a screenshot. Thanks for any help!

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    try this

    "Bs."_0.00 seems to work in the custom format field - in excel 2011
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    That works great. Thank you!

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