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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Michael73, Aug 17, 2009.

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    My father moved to NY in the spring and has been writing emails to my 6 year old son. While he is getting better and better at reading, I remembered from the Leopard keynote how Steve showed off the new "voices." My son now likes to have his emails read to him.

    I realized about a month ago how handy the same thing is to have my own emails read back to me before I send them. I now make a habit, especially when it comes to important or lengthy business emails to use the speech utility. Not that I'm bad at composing emails, but I often hear a missing or misspelled word. Anyway, I figure it's a quick check that probably pays big but subtle dividends.

    The Problem and Solution I'm Looking For

    Every time I want to use the speech utility I have to highlight the email text I want read to me, click Mail > Services > Speech > Start Speaking Text. It would be A LOT easier if I could put an icon on the toolbar (maybe like a microphone or silhouetted head with the word "Speech" underneath it) that I could click that would accomplish this in 1 click rather than 4. Any ideas?
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    im pretty sure you cant add a speech icon to the toolbar without some sort of add-on which im not aware of.

    you can, however, add a keyboard shortcut called "Start Speaking Text" in Keyboard & Mouse preferences for Mail and give it a shortcut like option+command+S and this will speak the highlighted text in Mail

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