Adding a second line and activating an iPhone when account holder lives far away?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Felder71, Jun 18, 2009.

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    Okay, so here's the scenario:

    My father currently has an iPhone 2G and is upgrading tomorrow. Some time in late July, when my Sprint contract is up, he is going to upgrade to a family plan, add me as the 2nd line for an iPhone, and I'll pay him the difference (cheaper than going in by myself plus I have a FAN number from my company).

    The kicker is that he lives in a different state. And I've read a lot that only the main account holder can sign contracts, purchase phones, etc, even if he gives me all his info.

    So how can we make this happen? It seems obvious that he could order everything online, have the iPhone shipped to him, and then ship it to me. But is there something easier? Can he set up the line, order the Phone, and I can pick it up at an Apple/AT&T store locally? Could he go to an AT&T store, set everything up there, and get them to hold a phone for me? Do we essentially need to be at the store together for me to get a phone then and there? Is it possible for me to actually handle that on my own if I get the proper information from him?

    Also, I'm a little confused about iPhone activation. Does it all happen at the store or at home through iTunes? Seems like it could be either way. I'm happy to have the store do it assuming they don't take over the plastic cover from the screen (I have a Power Support Crystal Film waiting!)

    I appreciate any info from someone who's been in this scenario before. Thanks and enjoy the big launch tomorrow!
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    simple just have him call ATT and add you as an authorized user.... im a authorized user on my partners account and I pre-ordered both iPhones and did the new contract

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