Adding a second nVidia 6600 256mb in my PCIe Powermac G5?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Sharky II, Jun 7, 2007.

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    I have a 6600 256mb gfx card in my late 2005 powermac g5. It's pushing a 24inch dell widescreen lcd. When i add a 17inch lcd as a 2nd display, things feel a little less snappy, stuff like expose, dashboard etc, they aren't as smooth. I plan on getting a larger 2nd monitor in the future, too.

    I can't justify paying over the odds for the x1900 pci-e 256mb for g5's, and i don't like the fact that they're cut down in ram and it isn't an XT either

    I can get a 2nd nvidia 6600 256mb card pretty damn cheap - if i add this and run the 24incher on one, and the 17 screen on another, will this ease the load on stuff? Each screen will have 256mb vram to play with? Will screen spanning work okay? Anyone doing this?

    I'm not interested in games btw! And i know it doesn't make it SLI :)



    No one?? Someone must be running two pci-e graphics cards in the later 2005 powermacs or mac pros :)
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    Get the second card! If you use one card for 2 monitors, the ram and proc of the GPU will be split in half. Each display gets half of the power of the GPU, even if your second display is off and still connected (like when you are playing a game).

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