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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by brand, Apr 13, 2008.

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    I want to add a second SuperDrive to my Mac Pro and am trying to decide if I should git the Pioneer DVR-115D or go with a different drive. Or maybe go with a SATA drive and utilize one of the two additional SATA ports that are unused. Any ideas?
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    The second SuperDrive (A.K.A. DVD-RW) will actually just connect to a second header connector on the ribbon cable leading to the existing SuperDrive.

    Essentially, it will become a secondary drive on the same ATA / IDE channel.

    So, that cuts into bandwidth. And, utilizing both drives simultaneously becomes less practical. Particularly if you intend to burn to one while reading the other. The IDE Bus just isn't really well equipped for that type of simultaneous use.

    Now, reading from two drives at a time, I wouldn't see a problem with. But, reading from one while writing to the other could be problematic. And, writing to both simultaneously would most certainly be asking for trouble.

    I did install a second drive in my system, but only because I had one that had proven to write more compatible DVD-R's than the one Apple provides.

    Personally, I find the biggest benefit of having two DVD-RW drives to be when I wish to have the contents of two different CD's available at the same time.

    Otherwise, I don't see any practical purpose behind two DVD-RW drives as the computer is designed.

    Now, if you do run a lead down to the a SATA connector, then that does make the situation a bit more practical and perhaps more useful.

    But, most programs are still not equipped to write to more than one disk at a time. So, that still limits the usefulness.

    So, I guess if you were using one on the IDE / ATA channel, and one on the SATA channel, and then were using one program to write one DVD and another program to write a different DVD, then perhaps it would be useful. But, in real world situations, this is likely to be a less commonly desired situation.

    Most people are going to want to write multiple copies of a DVD at the same time to cut down on batch production. And, with current programs, I don't see that happening. Most programs can only talk to one DVD-RW drive at a time.

    If your desire is simply to have access to more than one CD or DVD's contents at the same time, then I say just stick an IDE / ATA drive in the second bay and hook it to the existing connector there.

    I hope this helps.

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