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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by marvintm, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. marvintm macrumors newbie

    Jun 5, 2006
    I have a PC (running XP Pro) that accesses the internet through a wired router (D-Link) hooked to a cable modem. My boyfriend just moved in with his iBook and Airport Express. I hooked the Airport Express to a LAN port on the wired router, and it basically works fine. He is able to access the internet wirelessly without any trouble. I also connected the printer to Airport Express and he is able to print wirelessly. However, I thought I was going to be able to also print to the printer because following info from Airport FAQ.

    Question: AirPort Express connects via wire to my third-party router, and I have plugged a compatible USB printer into AirPort Express. Will it share the printer with my non-Apple computers, too?
    Answer: AirPort Express acts as a print server for any Mac OS X 10.2 or later, Windows 2000, or Windows XP computer that is on the same subnet, regardless of whether the third-party router is wired or wireless.

    Can anyone comment on this? How can I make this feature work from my wired computer? Is there something I need to do to make them on the same subnet? Also, if there IS a way to print via Airport Express, is there a way for me to access airTunes too?

    I did read a somewhat similar situation and this is what was advised. "Manually give it an IP address and subnet in airport admin (under the internet tab). For example if your router IP address is 192.168.x.1 with a subnet of give your Airport Express 192.168.x.2 i.e. give your Airport Express 1 IP number higher than your router. Also make sure you are not distrupting IP address from your Airport Express, and you are creating a wifi not joining."

    Not sure what this last part means even. Any help is appreciated.
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    Jun 2, 2006
    washington dc

    Hi. While I do have an Airport Express hooked up to a wired router, I have not hooked up a printer to it so I cannot comment specifically on your problem. BUT, I do know that many of my problems with this setup were solved by turning off DHCP on the Airport Express and on the wired router, and manaully assigning IP addresses to all of my computers (AND to the Airport Express).

    DHCP is a way for the router or the AE to distribute IP addresses dynamically. If both the wired router and the AE have DHCP (dynamic distribution of IP addresses) enabled, then there could be conflicts. Also, the AE uses a different subnet mask and IP addresses. If I remember correctly, the AE uses 10.x.x.x while most routers assign IPs with numbers like 192.x.x.x.

    So long story short, I think you answered your own question at the end. Just log in to your router as admin (probably and turn off DHCP. Then log in to the Airport Express and uncheck the box to distribute IP addresses, and manually assign an IP address to the Airport Express. Then go to each of your machines and manually assign them an IP Address as well. Stick with the 192.x.x.x format or the 10.x.x.x format for all machines, and make sure you use the same subnet mask for each machine.

    Hopefully that will solve your problem. I'm at work so I can't look at my device settings, but if this didn't work let me know and I'll check it out when I get home (as I have a similar set-up as yours).
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    Jun 5, 2006
    Thanks! I will give it a try.
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    Jun 12, 2008
    Just curious

    This may sound stupid, but do you have bonjour for windows loaded on your computer? I dont own a airport express, but i do own a time capsule, and I had to load bonjour on my sister's windows computer for it to work. Bonjour came with my timecapsule, it was the same cd as the airport utility!
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    Oct 31, 2007
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    Personally I would turn off DHCP on either the Express or the wired router. Leave one on to save manually assigning IP addresses.

    I keep my Expresses in bridge mode and let my wired router handle DHCP. I only assign static IPs to my servers.

    My $.02
  6. rikers_mailbox macrumors 6502a

    Sep 27, 2003
    Yep, your Airport express should be in "bridge mode".

    As you have it now, there are two networks. (1) your wired router, and (2) Airport Express wireless. That is why your bf can print wirelessly but the PC cannot find the printer.

    Bridge mode basically passes the internet and DHCP addressing from the wired router to Airport wireless clients. The wired router should be the only DHCP server, and thus providing only one network.

    Now I have a question: why can't your bf figure this out himself?
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    May 4, 2010
  8. marktasker macrumors newbie

    Nov 11, 2010
    Pairing D Link to Airport Express

    Not sure if this is possible, I'm sure there's someone out there who would be able to tell me either way. I've got a D Link router thats plugged into my 50mb in my lounge. I'd like to put my airport express in my kitchen and pair them so its the same network. The reason for this is that I have my HIFI in the kitchen which will be plugged into my airport so I can use it as remote speakers for my itunes while I'm still connected to the 50mb and D Link. Is this possible??

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