Adding AppleCare to replacement phone OOW?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by NathanA, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. NathanA macrumors 6502a

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    Okay, so now I have an AppleCare question. ;)

    Let's say that hypothetically (or, perhaps not-so-hypothetically) you had an iPhone (or iPod Touch) that did not have the extended AppleCare warranty on it. And let's say that it developed a defect that warranted its replacement, and that Apple agreed. And let's say that you got it replaced at the last minute, just as the original warranty ran out.

    My understanding is that replacement phones and iPods either carry the remaining warranty over from the original phone or iPod, or are warranted for 90 days, whichever is greater. So that means that in this hypothetical (or not-so-hypothetical) situation, even though your warranty ran out, the replacement iPhone/iPod now has a 90 day warranty period on it. I guess you can either look at it like I now have a refurbished iDevice with a 90-day Apple warranty, or like my original iDevice was just granted a 90-day warranty extension.

    AppleCare rules state that you can add AppleCare to a device anytime within the original warranty period. So here is my question: is it possible that Apple interprets this to mean during anytime that an iPhone/iPod has warranty remaining on it by Apple's records?

    The ultimate question is whether Apple will let me add AppleCare to an iDevice that is under the coverage of this 90-day warranty. Even though technically the "original" warranty of 1 year has expired, might Apple simply look at their records and see that it is covered, and allow one to add AppleCare coverage to such a device anyway?

    I suppose I could just ask Apple, but what would be the fun in that? :cool:

    -- Nathan
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    IIRC (and I'm pretty sure...) If you're given a replacement, consider it a brand new product with the full one-year limited warranty in which case, you're free to add AppleCare. IF you had AppleCare on the product that you replaced, you could either get the money back based on how many days/months/year you have left (Apple will calculate this value) and then repurchase AppleCare for the replacement or you can transfer it to your new replacement.

    If this was a REPAIR and you fall outside the warranty period, then no you may not purchase AppleCare. You're still given 90 days of support for the repaired product but you can't extend with AppleCare.
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    Jul 24, 2009
    That's incorrect. Replacements and repairs are covered under your original year from purchase date or 90 days whichever is greater as the op stated.

    Op. AppleCare can only be applied to the original year not the extended 90 days tho some have gotten away with it. Just seems to be luck of the draw.
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    i can concur, this is correct.

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