Adding Cellular iPad to Shared Data requires 2 year commitment!!!

Discussion in 'iPad' started by msaghirmd, Sep 14, 2012.

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    Sep 14, 2012
    I switched my family plan to shared data thinking it would be nice to have my LTE ipad and my iphones under same account even though it would cost me like $20 more per month. After I got my 2 phones on they told me I needed to buy a "post-paid sim" and pay $36 activation fee. I argued with them and they said they could work around the fees. Then the worst part: the ipad I completely own and paid full price for, it requires a 2 year commitment to add to shared data at $10 per month. How is this possible? I argued with the rep for a full hour. She assured me that this was the at&t policy. That the early termination fee applied if I wanted to get a new ipad (and pay full price) in March 2013. I would again have to lock into another 2 year contract. Is this not completely absurd!? Am I losing my mind here? I fought and fought with her but she was adamant. WHY THE F WOULD THEY DO THIS? IT's ALREADY A RIP OFF THAT I HAVE TO PAY $10 A MONTH TO USE MY DATA THAT IM PAYING FOR. I told her to switch my plan back to family plan since it was cheaper anyways. I work in a hospital and I have a corporate 25% discount which applies only to data ($30 off the $120/10 GB plan) but that shouldn't have anything to do with it right?

    Please advise me on what to do...
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    I've just done some searches on the Interweb to confirm what you were told, and cannot find anything other than various news articles from the time that AT&T launched the shared data plan, each of which state that in order to add a tablet to the plan for $10 per month it must be on a subsidized contract, and will remain so after being added.

    Whatever the CS rep said sounds like complete BS to me.

    I logged into the AT&T website and went through the steps to add a new line to my shared data plan. I then selected 'tablet' as the new device and I am able to select from a number of tablets at full price that I can buy from AT&T. For example The 32GB iPad for $729. Next to each tablet it clearly says two things:
    'No service commitment'
    'Qualifying monthly data plan required.'

    The CS rep is DEFINITELY not telling the truth.
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    I have an LTE iPad and I've opted not to turn on the data on it. Now that the mobile hotspot feature is included with the shared data plans, I rather just share my data connection thru tethering and save myself the monthly $10.
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    Sep 15, 2012
    ATT Customer Care Is Wrong

    I do activations every day and can tell you that AT&T is wrong. If you add the device yourself or with customer care over the phone then there if no activation fee. I have heard that if a dealer does it (ATT store, Best Buy, etc) then the activation fee applies. You can also add the data through your ipad under SETTINGS<CELLULAR DATA. Check out the following

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