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    Does anyone know how I can add contacts during the call, or at least after the call? If I type in the keypad during the call, it will dissapear after I hang up... I often want to do it when someone is giving me somebody else's phone # during the call etc. I could go to note and make new contact after the call, but since doesn't have call function by clicking the number unlike safari, so it's kinda extra work too.

    Maybe I'm missing something, let me know. Thanks
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    Jan 30, 2008
    Not the most efficient of methods but it's the only way I can find

    To add a contact during a call first select add call, this will bring you to your contacts page, then select keypad. This has the usual symbol in the bottom left of a man with a plus symbol. If you type in the number and select this you can add a new contact whilst still on the same call.

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    or after the call, goto phone --> recents --> the last phone call is on the top of the list -->click the arrow to the side of thatn umber --> and select create new contact
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    excellent tip - i hadn't thought of that before. thanks!

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