Adding more storage or streaming movies to iPad when traveling

Discussion in 'iPad' started by dscoob, Oct 14, 2011.

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    I am going on a long vacation to Asia next week and I want to watch movies on my 64GB iPad 2. Unfortunately I have run out of space and have about 50GB of movies that do not fit on the iPad. The moves were converted from DVD to iPad using the program called DVD to iPad Converter for Windows.

    What's the best method to get access to the movies that won't fit on the iPad so I can watch them on the iPad during my trip? I searched the forums and found several methods, but I'm not sure which is optimal. I've outlined them below. I want the easiest, cheapest method.

    --Stream them from my PC:
    Use Goodreader app, AVplayer app or Airvideo to stream them from my PC. Which one of these apps would be best? Seems like a pain to set up an FTP server on my PC and it may be slow to download the files, especially over a slow Wifi connection in hotels in Indonesia and Bangkok. My PC is in California.

    --Put the files on an SD card via the camera connection kit: I don't own a large SD Card, and they max out at 32GB (I need 50GB for my files), and those are around $44 each. I do own the camera connection kit.

    --Airstash $99 reader: also need high capacity USB drive

    --Jailbreak and use iFile app: My iPad is not jaibroken.

    --Hyperdrive external hard drive: these are expensive

    --Seagate Goflex Satellite Wifi hard drive: these are expensive

    Thanks for your suggestions!
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    I personally have the GoFlex Satellite and am very impressed with it.yes it is expensive but well worth it, I use it to backup my entire iTunes library and that way I can take my entire library with me anywhere I go.

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