Adding RAM to a Macbook - let me get this straight


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May 21, 2006
It's not too difficult. It's a tad more tricky than installing ram in a beige-box pc, and you need a tiny screwdriver. The sticks need to be pushed in all the way; they might seem firmly placed half-way in, but you have to push it all the way. You should note how far in the RAM that comes with it is in.

Also, you can get two sticks of 1GB ram for about $150 on newegg. I think patriot is what I'm using. You don't need to buy a dual-channel kit I think...


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May 27, 2006
Miami, FL
ipoddin said:
Looking at Macbooks on, from the base 512mb of RAM I can increase it to 2gb for $500.

But if you go on, you can get 2gb of RAM for $199!

What gives?

And is RAM easy to install yourself on a Macbook? I build my own PC's, so I'm not afraid of doing this myself - if it's realatively pain free.
Because you're buying first party RAM, which BTW, is expensive as hell.

I use OWC RAM for the 2.0GHz Macbook Pro, it works phenomanally! :p