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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by stogey25, Apr 29, 2006.

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    I'm making the switch to OSX finally, and I'm getting a MB Pro, but I have some questions about adding RAM to it. I'm not gonna get the upgrade from Apple because it's a ripoff, so I figured I'd buy some RAM from crucial or newegg. Here's the question: Can I buy and add a 1GB stick to the MBP, which will already have 512MB? I haven't been able to find out if the RAM has to be dual channel or not. Can you run a 1gb and 512mb for a total of 1.5gb, or do I need to have 2x512mb or 2x1gb? Will this combination work? I've searched the forums before hand and couldnt really find much about it...

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    The requirement for dual-channel memory is only really a concern in the Mac mini where the graphics card uses system RAM to do it's job and as such requires the fastest performance possible.

    MBP's with their dedicated graphics card don't require dual channel memory although you may notice a slight performance increase by taking this option.

    Some of our official resellers here offer MBPs with a number of different RAM configs, from the stock 512MB in the 1.83 through 768MB, 1GB, 1.25GB, 1.5GB and 2GB.

    Wait for CanadaRAM to chime in, he knows all about this sort of stuff.
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    Hi, try for memory or as the warranty and the fine print need to be read. Why, yes newegg has great prices but if the RAM fails they can charge you to replace it as in shipping cost (they tried that with me and it was my last sale with them) or a restocking fee if you send it back because it doesn't work for you but it tests okay in a machine for them. Okay enough of that for now...
    If you get the RAM in "matched pairs" it uses the dual channel but if you get say a 1GB stick and add it to the 512mb RAM you have, making it 1.5GB, that is better than running 2 sticks of 512. I'm running 2-1GB sticks from now in my iMac (Intel CoreDuo) this way I don't have to worry about maxing it out later and I got the RAM for a good price ($240 next day, had it by 1:00pm, called it in the day before at 3:00pm).
    Good luck and enjoy :D

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