Adding RAM to White Unibody Macbook

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    Hello -
    I have a white unibody macbook, purchased in January of 2010. I think I would like to upgrade to Lion, but I think I need more RAM before doing so. I currently have 2gb. I read this section, but it was a bit over my head (perhaps that in itself should tell me I can't do this myself). I think I can figure out how to put new RAM in, I'm more concerned about how it might negative effect the whole system - the mentions of kernel panic on the other thread frightened me.

    So, here are some of my questions -
    1. How much should I put in?
    2. What RAM is compatible with my system?
    3. Are there any problems I should expect?
    4. Is there anything I need to do prior to upgrading RAM?
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    I followed the info in the link above to up my ram from 2gb to 4gb on my macbook (white unibody mid 2010)
    If you've got 2gb up it to 4gb.

    If you've got the booklets that came with your macbook it should tell you the required type of ram in there, if not you can find out here:

    Once you know what kind of ram you require make a note of it and shop for it where you like.

    It was easy to install and caused no problems when done, it gave a nice boost to Lion which now runs very well.

    One thing that I'd mention is the size of the screws when the base is removed, very, very small.
    Once loosened I left them in their recesses and removed the base with the screws in their original positions.
    There is a clip on each side of the base that only needs gentle pressure to release and then you can lift the base away.f
    It's all pretty straightforward, just remember to put a soft cloth on table before you turn your macbook upside down.

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