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    Oct 10, 2014
    So at my school, we were given iPads. They have 5 profiles installed on them from the school and some are proxies. Now, we weren't allowed to jail real but I am good friends with the guy that runs the technology department and he asked me if it was possible to jailbreak with the profiles. I wasn't sure but I thought you could. Af yeah, he asked me to attempt this task and it turned out that it actually works. He told me to keep the jailbreak and mess around with it to see how the iPad will perform but there is one problem. I cannot add sources. I will attach a picture with what it says but I'm sure it has something to do with the proxies. Is there any way to get around the proxy? Or a separate way to install sources?

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    Could be a typo in your source. Which source did you get the error with?
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    The sources and jb ip's might be blocked on your schools network.

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