Adding subfolders to iOS apps

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    I've learned a trick that I wanted to share.

    This is to load a folder of files into an App that supports sub folders (like a PDF reader, picture viewer, CBR/CBZ reader)
    It won't work in Apple apps that have a direct iTunes link..only through 3rd Party apps that use the iTunes file sharing.

    (I believe it only works with a Mac, but Windows might have a way to do it.)

    On the Mac, put the files (jpgs, pdfs, whatevs) in a folder. (we'll call it Test_Folder)

    add a .pkg extension to the folder (so Test_Folder.pkg)

    This turns the folder into a mac package file. It's still a folder, but the Mac OS treats it as a single file.

    Drag that folder into the App's window in iTunes.

    Optional: In the iTunes window, edit the file name to delete .pkg. This isn't necessary but it cleans the list up some.

    On your i Device, go to the App and enjoy the new sub-folder.

    This takes advantage of the Mac seeing a .pkg file as a file, but iOS (and Windows) seeing it as a folder.
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    This is bloody amazing and saved my skin. Thanks

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