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Discussion in 'iMac' started by therep2004, Jun 30, 2016.

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    Hi everyone. I just purchased a second-hand 2014 iMac 27" retina display w/ fusion drive. How long do you think it will be before this computer is outdated? 5 years? Also, is the fusion drive replaceable in/when it breaks? I was hesitant to purchase this machine given my past history with mechanical hard drives, but I was ultimately persuaded to purchase it.

    Also, I consider myself a light user (web browsing, Logic Pro) but wanted to add additional RAM since the option is available to upgrade from 8GB to 32GB. I see on eBay, for example, people selling 8GB of RAM from their iMac, presumably wanting to upgrade as I do. Can I purchase this "Apple" RAM (4+4) to add to my iMac to get to 16GB of RAM (4+4+4+4)? It seems like a cost effective option, and wouldn't necessitate me throwing away the 8GB of RAM that is currently in the machine. Thanks to everyone for any input!
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    The hard drive can be replaced if it fails, although it is not exactly a user friendly process. You can, however, disable Fusion Drive and use the SSD as a standalone drive if the HDD fails, or use external drive as a boot device.

    As for RAM, yes, you can buy 2x4GB from eBay as the iMac has four RAM slots with the default 8GB configured as 2x4GB.
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    Adding to the previous posts you can also get 2x8gb if you wanted 24gb without tossing the pre installed RAM. Probably overkill but it's an option.
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    I'm sure someone more informed will chime in but the RAM will need to be the same type (DDR3 etc etc). If you use a higher frequency RAM it will be clocked to the speed of the slowest installed but should work.

    Personally I haven't seen any compelling reason to use a higher frequency RAM than what comes in the Mac especially if you end up needing to remove what's in it to gain that higher frequency. But if that is your thing than more power to you.

    And yes I agree 16gb is generally more than enough if you don't have a clearly defined use for more.
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    You can always use a USB 3/Thunderbolt external drive in place of opening up and installing an internal hard drive. (One of the advantages of a desktop computer is that it doesn't move around, making external boot drives much easier to use.) My 2011 iMac is booting using a 1tb SSD in a Delock Thunderbolt 1 enclosure ($85 + shipping + thunderbolt cable.)

    USB 3.0 enclosure (bootable) is also an option for your machine, I would go that way myself if my computer was USB 3 equipped.
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    It depends on what you do with the computer. I have a 2007 iMac that still gets used weekly fine, it won't play games but it handles most things just fine. And 2nd oldest is an '09 that is a daily driver at work along with a 2010 and '11. They get used 10-12 hours per day Mon-Thursday and stay turned on 24/7.

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