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    Hello. It my first app. Please write your opinion about features this app.
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    Address Book World in AppStore -

    The application makes editing easier for you when it comes to telephone numbers for international calls. It helps you in two cases - when there is a country code and it should be automatically skipped during the call, or when you need to change or add an area code.

    Application suitable for people who travel, frequently change the country stay or mobile network operators.
    Now you can save without problem a international phone number with country/area code in address book, the program will modify them according to what country you'll be.

    User will be able to perform the following operations with telephone number:
    Calling from Phone;
    Calling from Skype;
    Sending SMS;
    Sharing via SMS;
    Sharing via Mail;
    Saving in new Contact or current one;
    Saving in clipboard;

    App feature:
    Detect a country with GPS;
    Manually change country;
    Add Operator's Code - which replaces or adds the standart symbol of the international access network - plus "+";
    Edit telephone number;
    Detect country code in phone number;


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