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    One thing I noticed is the 3 boxes aren't perfectly aligned horizontally (the space between and 2nd and 3rd is wider tham the 1st and 2nd, but as much as my teacher ripped on it he didnt notice)

    Another is the text placement between Addictive & Obsessive is too close.
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    (Not "Addtive.Obsessive")

    You didn't specify but I assume you are soliciting a critique. Is this an obsessive attempt to see if you can aggregate the same comments as your instructor? I can be obsessive myself; it comes with the territory of being a graphic designer, typographer and technical illustrator.

    1. I like the layout very much. It has pleasant tones and the juxtaposition draws your eyes into the message.

    2. Yes, equalize the space between the boxes. Why post it and point it out?

    3. The headline leading works well as a unit to me. If you do add space, perhaps only double what you have now. I suggest breaking the word "OBSESS" from "IVE." That way you'll have two complete words in white ("OBSESS" and "ADD") although it does not form a common phrase.

    4. The tiny text at the bottom should move to the left a bit so there is as much space on the right as there is between the top of the text and the photo. Increased word spacing would improve legibility.

    5. Selective white space is your friend. However, narrower spacing between some items is essential for grouping and directing eye movement. For example, the main visual of the man eating the type would work better if it tied into the headline as a group. Within the same size box, enlarge the photo so the hand is closer to the headline. (Conversely, if the poster size is not fixed, you can slide main picture down.) Likely you'll lose the second hand.

    6. There's another issue with the photo that could not be rectified without retouching at this point. It is unclear what he is about to eat. (I appears as if a type leading slug, rather than a character, is used.)

    7. Since the word "ADD" is prominent in the headline, it would be nice if one of the three inset boxes depicted numbers. Right now they all have alphabets. I might also consider cropping in on them a bit more.

    8. I like the arched type on the face. However, make certain it is legible. Currently, the contrast is very weak. The only time illegible text should be added to a document is if it's something that legally must be there but detracts from the intended design. The words on the face are a key part of the design. You should also change the "s" to a "d" at the end of "experiences."
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    Yeah. Sorry, I posted this at like 3AM or so...
    So you don't have to since I already know.

    I'm still working on font placement but as far as arranging big and small font is something I still need to work on. I tried letting ADD and OBSESSIV overlap but the type just looked odd in that case.

    I took a few different photos, and I couldn't hold it in a way that it was obvious for where it was. Turning it to the side made it look like I was going to completely miss my mouth.

    The entire thing is a C&P of the quote.

    I agree with the arched words, I used an overlay blending cause it flowed more. Opacity didnt blend it too well and still stuck out too much.

    Thanks for the critique.

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