Adios Macbook Pro Classic...

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by DoNoHarm, Jan 1, 2010.

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    Oct 8, 2008
    ..........Hello free replacement from Apple. But before I get there, a few words.

    How on earth can a computer (2.4Ghz Macbook Pro Classic) have 6 seperate repairs, sometimes with dozens of issues, within 14 months? How can such a beautifully designed machine function so poorly? I refuse to believe that Apple would invest so much on the outer looks of a machine and not put decent thought into the internals... Apparently a majority of PC users agree: PC Magazine Reliability survey

    How can a company have such great customer service when things go wrong? Through all of the problems below, I got quick service, professional people to talk to, and walked away not being able to hate Apple for all my inconvenience. They were trying hard to make it right. Anyways, so here's what happened that led to my replacement:

    Repair 1)
    Initially I sent my MBP in because:

    1) 12 dead pixels on the display
    2) Defective Hinge - latch opens before closing
    3) crooked keys on the keyboard - since purchase
    4) the mouse stuck out from the wristpad - since purchase
    5) sleep light stopped working
    6) slightly painful electric shock when you plug it into 220 V european electricity
    7) Nvidia graphics issues

    They sent it back essentially replacing everything except the HD, CD drive, battery, outer case, and magsafe adapter.

    Repair 2)
    When I looked at the job they did, I was horrified to see:
    1) all my screws stripped,
    2) the palm rest bulging out by 2 mm from one side, and
    3) the hinge still did not work. I started up the machine and
    4) the magsafe got so hot it was not holdable in your hand and I smelt something burning. I sent it back a second time.

    I got it back and they replaced the logic board a second time, gave me a new outer case and palmwrest, and replaced the logic board a second time.

    Repair 3)
    But now there was this strange sound from the speakers when you try and play a sound. The re-installed the OS.

    Repair 4)
    Fan stopped working properly

    Repair 5)
    Scratches on case during repair

    Finally, during repair 5, they said they would issue a replacement. Before I could send the computer off, low and behold, THERE IS A 6TH ISSUE WITH THE COMPUTER! Between the last repair and the replacement, the computer's speakers die. Incredible, incredible.....

    Lets hope the new 15" 2.66 Ghz replacement won't suck so bad.
  2. NeuralControl macrumors 6502a

    Dec 3, 2009
    I'm glad to hear your troubled computer is behind you and a new MBP is in your hands. However, I don't understand why you waited until after the fifth repair to ask for a replacement. For each of the instances you wrote about, there were multiple things wrong with your computer. By the third repair I would have had enough and kindly asked a manager or AppleCare specialist to offer me a replacement. It's really unfortunate you had such a terrible experience with that MBP. I hope your new one gives you no trouble.
  3. auero macrumors 65816

    Sep 15, 2006
    Strange, you should have gotten a repair after 3 attempts.

    My first repair was for a logic board supposedly. Spends a week at the apple store and they discovered the issue. Turns up that it was for the power switch :rolleyes:

    Great, so a month later I'm on a trip and it dies completely. Try to turn it on, turns on for seconds and turns off. When I first bought the computer I replaced the hard drive with a larger, faster one. Never even booted up the computer. I got it to boot for a few minutes and realized the keys weren't working correctly. Certain keys only worked.

    So when I got back from my trip I put in the original hard drive, no go. I sent it out for repair. Get it back to find out they replaced the hard drive (I told them my situation with the hard drive) and they replaced the top case (supposedly). The casing was all scratched up. I called again, angry and he said he needs to try one more time and he put specific instructions to be very careful and to replace the entire case of the computer.

    I get it back. NOTHING is replaced! They said they replaced the logic board! (who knows if they did!) Then I see the case isn't even put together properly, the screws are poorly screwed it and its all crooked. I called apple fuming!

    The rep apologized several times and was angry and said he was going to replace my machine with the newest model and overnight it right away.

    It took a long time but I'm glad how they handled it. What's funny is its the first time I purchased apple care. Usually I don't bother with it because I don't keep the machine for more than a year but my friend at the store talked me into getting it. Cursed me!

    The rep did tell me that they usually do "three attempts" before replacing it.
  4. Kevin Paquet macrumors member

    Dec 2, 2009
    Good for you that you have your MBP replaced. :)

    All these kinds of problems make me scared that I might be next on the unlucky list of Macbook Pro Users, and I'm really wondering if there's an Apple Repair Center in the Philippines or just the nearest one in Singapore. Could be like hell and weeks before my MBP returns IF ever some issues come up. :confused::confused:

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