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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by kat.hayes, Apr 11, 2012.

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    I'm looking at a flyer that has a bunch of body text and the lines of text seem too close together. I would adjust the leading between the lines to add space. However, from a design point-of-view I am not sure what the name of the design principle that this relates to. Does fixing leading between lines that are too close together correct spacing, proximity, what would you call it?

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    Technically, adjusting the leading of a body of text will affect the "colour". Typeface, weight (thin, bold etc.), leading and tracking all affect this.

    typographic color
    The apparent blackness of a block of text. Color is a function of the relative thickness of the strokes that make up the characters in a font, as well as the width, point size, and leading used for setting the text block
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    Kind of depends on what you are using too....If my rusty old memory serves me correctly, a simple way of doing this without playing too much with the fonts etc is to change the line spacing....I'ts a common command available from the Word toolbar...Pages also has the option as do most WP and DTP packages.
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    The vertical distance between lines is traditionally called leading, and it is measured from baseline to baseline. The term comes from the blank strips of lead that you use to separate two lines of type on a letterpress. By adding "lead" to your lines you are simply adjusting the leading of the paragraph to something you find more pleasing. The less technical term that is often applied to this measurement is line spacing. CSS uses the term line spacing and it annoys me to no end.

    Spacecadet is correct in that typographers holistically describe the spacing of a paragraph as color. This is not a measurable property however.
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    I have never understood why the developers of CSS acted like they were inventing something new, when thousands of people had been doing page layout for years using well-established terminology. There's still no such thing as "leading", or simple ways to set space-after or keep-together in css.
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    You can tell non-design background people as they often pronounce it "leeding" rather than" ledding". :)
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    Unfortunately, the terminology (or design principle as you called it) can depend on the software you are working in.

    Traditionally the space between lines of text is called Leading. But some programs such as Word use the term Line Spacing. (nasty)

    So, if you want to change the space between the lines of text, then yes you can, and are increasing or decreasing the leading. Simple as that.
    Either way, if it seems too close together, trust your eyes and increase it. ;)

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