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Discussion in 'macOS' started by aethelbert, Jun 19, 2008.

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    I'm trying to monitor the price of crude oil on the included stocks widget (symbol is CLN08.NYM). When I put this into the widget, all of the current values go off the side of the chart as the symbol is too long (as seen in pic). Is there any way to make a specific widget just a few pixels wider?

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    I think this is generally an option that needs to be added by the widget creator.

    If you find the widget on your hard drive (Should be in Library>Widgets), however, and import it into Dashcode (you'll need to install the developer tools on your install disk, if you haven't already), then you may be able to resize it in there, but really, it's probably best not to go fiddling around with the insides of widgets (like it's best not to with applications). Make sure you make a back-up before you do anything.

    Edit: I Just tried opening a widget in Dashcode. Seems you probably can do it. Just drag the bubble on the right hand side, I think... Dashcode is fairly easy to master, though. (The more point&click aspect, anyway)

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