Adobe apps - why on Windows first?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by roland.g, Mar 22, 2007.

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    Note from jsw: this was a bit off-topic in a previous thread, so I moved it to its own.
    Adobe for Windows is an afterthought. Yes Windows is on 90+% of computers and Adobe creates software for that platform as an afterthought. Mac users make Adobe successful.
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    Why does Photoshop Elements always come out way before the Mac version? I like using Photoshop Elements at home because Photoshop is way to expensive for just dabbling with for home stuff.

    By the way, I use all the graphic design Apps at work on a wonderful PowerMac G5. Go me!
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    It irks me too, esp. because Elements is good enough for 95% of the people who think they need the pro version. I liked having such a great app at such a reasonable price, but their lack of an Intel version is a problem. I hope that, after CS3 is released, an Intel version of Elements will finally make its way to the Mac.

    Perhaps they thought that the Elements market was being dominated by iPhoto, but I think that there are a lot of users who very much appreciate what Elements brings to the table. It's basically just Photoshop from a few revs before, so it's quite powerful.
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    Can't disagree more; that's so wildly off the mark... About 50% of sales of pro apps — Creative Suite et al — go to Mac users. But for Acrobat in all its versions, Windows sales far outnumber Mac sales which is possibly one reason why Acrobat Pro on the Mac in the past has been crippled in some ways compared to the Windows version.

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