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    I recently decided that my Mid 2012 MacBook Pro (which I'm keeping on Mountain Lion) will be designated as my machine for legacy tasks and software, given that I have quite a bit that either won't work as well, break, or just flat out not work past Mountain Lion (and will likely never be optimized for HiDPI and Retina Displays). Given that it still has a non-retina display, a FireWire port, and an optical drive, this seems quite fitting. For further context, when the Broadwell 15" MacBook Pros come out, I'll probably buy one that will serve as the more forward-looking machine software-wise.

    Further Context:

    Given this, I've purchased a digital copy of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium to run and have installed on the Mid 2012 MacBook Pro, whereas I will presumably use a Creative Cloud subscription with whatever newer machine that I get. (I know that I don't need to keep things separate, but doing it this way is neater, cleaner, and will create less clutter and confusion, which I'm totally okay with.)


    The license I purchased of CS6 Production Premium is for owners of any CS5.5 Suite. I have access to various CS5.5 Suite licenses, however, for the purposes of what I'll be doing (a clean installation and the activation of my CS6 license on said Mid 2012 MacBook Pro), I have a few questions regarding the procedure:

    1. Can I use an upgrade license of CS5.5? (I figure, for all Adobe knows or cares, I've been using upgrade copies for years, right?)

    2. When I install and activate my CS6 serial and it asks me for the CS5.5 serial, does it:

    a. Tie the CS5.5 license to my CS6 license?
    b. Check the status and Adobe ID ownership of the CS5.5 license?
    c. Do anything with regards to the CS5.5 license other than inputing it to appease the installer's acceptance of my CS6 license?

    I ask as I've never activated the CS5.5 licenses (though they are legally mine).

    3. My upgrade license of CS6 will be valid for that discounted deal Adobe has going on for CC (being $30 per month versus $50 per month), yeah? I figure that's a nice plus, if true.

    Thanks in advance for your help! :)
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    1. Yes
    2.a. This simply verifies you have a prior version
    2.b. Possibly - if the 5.5 version is registered to you - no problems. If it's unregistered - no problems. If it's registered to someone else - you've got problems. It may not accept it.
    2.c. the question is unclear. If you're doing a clean install of CS6 upgrade, you simply need a prior serial number to qualify.
    3. Sorta....for the first year, you'll pay $29.99 per month, then the price jumps to $49.99 after that.
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    That deal is temporary in the sense its only for the first year, subsequent years the price will be back to 50 dollars a month.

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