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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Reeesy, Jun 14, 2012.

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    Jan 11, 2012
    Hi all, I'm having trouble getting my head around what exactly the Indesign Digital Design Suite actually offers. Perhaps if i explain what i want to do, someone could explain if its worth me looking into or not.

    I'm a graphic designer. I do a lot of printed proposals for a client (they use these to win new business). They have asked me to look into digital presentations as a new way to present themselves when pitching. They like the idea of giving the client an iPad with an interactive presentation with moving graphs, swipe gestures etc... I'm currently looking a iBook Author. While being exactly the sort of thing I'm after, its obviously very restricting when you are used to working with indesign.

    As they'll sometimes need printed copies also, it would be ideal if i could kill 2 birds with one stone and design both at once in indesign (barring a few tweaks here and there).

    I see the pricing to actually publish a book to the store is very high. But thats not something i'll ever need to do. I don't want the ebook to go on sale or for anyone to be able to access it.

    So my question is this: Will it be possible to:
    1. design an ebook presentation
    2. create the ebook file that would ideally sit as an app icon on the home screen or in the newsstand WITHOUT having to publish it
    3. can i send the completed file to the client via email for them to install it onto their iPad?

    Im getting the feeling i'm better off with Ibook Author, but thought id check!

    Thanks for ANY advice you can give me. And of course let me know if you want me to explain anything else about what I'm trying to achieve.

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