Adobe Lightroom Beta V3

Chip NoVaMac

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Dec 25, 2003
Northern Virginia
Didn't see an announcement anywhere on MR of this.

From Adobe:

New features to try in Lightroom Beta 3:

Before and After preview and History features in Develop to better preview and track changes
Live preview of HTML/Flash web output in the new Web module
Auto Import or Hot Folder for tethered shooting
Handling of PSD and TIFF image files
Additional resolution control when exporting photos
Straighten tool to correct camera angle issues
Saved module settings with Collections and Shoots
Keyword import and export
RGB Value readouts
Photo reordering within a Collection
More refined print options
Native raw support for new camera models including the Canon EOS 30D, Epson R-D1s, Leaf Aptus 65 and Aptus 75, Olympus EVOLT E-330 and SP-320, Pentax *ist DL2, and Samsung GX-1S
Some nice enhancements IMO....


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Apr 29, 2006
Laguna Niguel, CA
no its legit, there is a windows version now.
I am using Beta 3 right now as we speak. I really like it so far, much much better than Beta 1. It is still pretty slow though, but has so much potential that i am going to reformat my workflow to involve this as my new management system. i really like the program. and i find it more intuitive and easier to manage than aperture.


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Jun 17, 2003
Cincinnati, OH
I will have to check out version 3 to see how it now compares to Aperture, nice to see the Windows version...guess the final version will be out with the next CS3.


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Apr 29, 2006
Laguna Niguel, CA
and by the time CS3 comes out it will be universal! and when that happens i will get my Rev B blacbook that has no moos or whines of any kind, runs cold as ice and has no price premium over the white macbook! yay!