Adobe LR & CS4 question...HELP!! :)

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by DarkDTSHD, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Today, I just received copies of LR 2.0 and CS4, which I ordered from

    Because a previous version of LR was installed/removed it's serial # is still sitting in some file on my HD. Which file is this? Would like to remove it so that I can add my new serial #.

    And, regarding CS4, it won't run. Giving me a "...won't run on this architechture" error message. And no I didn't previously have a version of CS4 Master Edition (Googled that this happened to some one who did).

    Again, there must be some "system file" I can remove from my HD.

    Please help!

    Unfortunately I didn't buy Time Capsule and thus did not have Time Machine enabled. :p So I can't just go back a few weeks to before I was playing with Adobe apps.

    Hate to have to wait till I get home and have to "reformat" my HD. :p
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    As far as the other question regarding the CS 4 re-installation since you have a legitimate product key that you want to install I would think that a phone call to Adobe's customer service would be in order to let them guide you to a successful solution. Over the years I have had to call them on a few issues along the same lines and have gotten good support and had the problems ironed out. You paid for the support so you might as well get some good out of it! :)
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    Hello people,

    Not sure why I wasn't given an email telling me you two guys had replied but's an update...problem SOLVED!! :)

    I decided to reinstall the trial version of CS4 Extended which I had on my MBP previously. Read it's READ.ME file (stresses you MUST use the Adobe Uninstall program ONLY). So I did just that. Ran Adobe's uninstall program. Which did a detailed uninstall.

    Then I installed my new copy of CS4. No problems. And this time with all the necessary files removed using Adobe's uninstall program I got the proper CS4 SETUP dialogue box. 6 tabs instead of only 3 previously. The three tabs includes a license (serial #) tab, registration and one other I can't recall at the moment.

    All CS4 programs run without a hitch!! :)

    Any how the moral of this story...READ the READ.ME file!! With Adobe products you MUST use their proprietary Adobe Uninstall program or you'll be in a world of pain and aggravation.

    Later guys.

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