adobe Photoshop CS2 help required plz...


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Jan 30, 2006
someone in my family has photoshop CS2 n his MBP.. I had a few photos .. which were slightly dark and the resolution was not that good... Cant be seen properly if i pu on facebook orsomething...

Can someone plz tell me the procedure how to better the picture.. I am quite young.. i dont know how to use it.. and the person who uses it is not here.. Plz ill be really grateful..thanku so much..,

You cld give me a link o some site which might help me how to correct the picture or how to add effects.. tyhanks...


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Jun 29, 2007
wait...adobe released photoshop for the iPhone?!

...oh wait...nevermind... :rolleyes:
Photoshop is pretty hard to use at first, but there are a few wizards, go to the adjustment menu and chose a color correction option, or go to the curves menu and adjust it there.

As for the iphone, I actually am finding photoshop an invaluable tool, to create buttons with nice transparencies, but I agree this is not the right forum to discuss this.