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    Hey guys, could anyone answer this question for me.

    (I cant seem to find any info on it on adobe's website, and you can only contact them directly over the phone which I will do tomorrow unless anyone can answer the question)

    I am no longer a student.. and regret not buying software while I was attending uni to get the discount especially on products from adobe and autodesk. Adobe sell their products extremely cheap for students and teachers..

    My dad is actually a teacher and qualifies to get the discount and so will my brother in a months time. If one of them purchase the software and show their ID (which adobe require) would they be able to then hand over the software to me to use?

    Im not sure but I asked Apple a similar question regarding my iMac which my girlfriend bought for me using her student ID and they said if she purchased it for me that it was fine.
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    Strictly speaking, it is against Adobe's license for a student/teacher to purchase a discounted license and then to transfer it to you. Section 4.6.1 and 4.6.2 of the license agreement specifies that you can transfer the license, except for Education Licenses (and some other exceptions too, that don't apply to you). Basically - The license is non-transferable, except for some exceptions, and Adobe specifically lists an Education License as not being one of the exceptions that allows a license transfer.

    More practically, the license key for an Education License is tied to a particular name. Plus, the activation seems to be aware of the computer it was installed on ... I had to reinstall Photoshop once onto a different HDD, and I had to reactivate the license (I have a teacher's license, which seems to be the same as the student license).

    If you aren't using Photoshop to make money, then it's probably more than you really need then. Have you looked at Elements?

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