Adobe Video Usage: NVIDIA GTX 1080 FE vs. Sapphire PULSE RX 580 8GB

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    The question is asked a lot about AMD and NVIDIA cards with Adobe CC products and I'm in a unique position with access to both cards right now.

    Here are some initial speed tests and notes using both the NVIDIA GTX 1080 FE 8GB and Sapphire PULSE RX 580 8GB with an authentic Mac Pro 5,1 with 12-core 3.46ghz and 128GB RAM, running 10.13.6 with Adobe CC 2018 products. Literally same exact machine and setup with just GPU swap in slot 1. They are both 8-pin powered internally.

    The results from the (older) AfterBenchCC v1.1 tests in After Effects CC 2018 with RX 580 and GTX 1080 FE are posted below. Speeds with GTX 1080 FE were generally the faster result, but there are exceptions. Despite claiming CPU tests, they are not 100% CPU only with CC 2018.

    AfterBenchCC v1.1
    RX580 / GTX1080
    MP Disabled: 3:56 / 3:20
    4K All CPU & Keyframe Handling: 11:43 / 7:51
    4K Encoding H264 10kbps: 0:47 / 0:44
    Fractal Noise 4K All CPU: 6:05 / 4:44
    4K Encoding MP4 4kbps: 0:25 / 0:26
    Raytrace & Environment Map GPU: 0:06 / 0:26 ***
    Cineware Rendering: 3:16 / 3:15
    Element 3D Benchmark: 11:38 / 12:04
    *** Unsure if this is an error, did not dig through the error report.

    Cinebench R15 (bad test, but just for FYI)
    RX580 / GTX1080
    OpenGL: 65.25 fps / 57.77 fps
    CPU: 1608 cb / 1600 cb

    Geekbench 4
    RX580 OpenCL: 135465
    GTX1080 OpenCL: 172525

    In Premiere Pro CC 2018, setup an unscientific test timeline with fractal generators (and a few others) and forced rendered the entire timeline. The RX 580 processed these clips about 10-15% faster than the GTX 1080 FE.

    However, with an actual real-world timeline with footage from various sources, various resolutions, various codecs, and multiple stacked effects (both native and 3rd party) the GTX 1080 FE was more than 25% faster the majority of the time.

    IN GENERAL Premiere Pro CC 2018 plays files back "better" with the GTX 1080 FE and using CUDA as a renderer (only available with NVIDIA). Overall the software just feels speedier and you less often have to force render stacked effects when the "red render bar" is on top of the footage. You can actually get decent playback with red bar timeline sections with the GTX 1080, but the RX 580 needs to render those clips the majority of the time to get any legitimate playback preview. Regardless, if it's mission critical - render your work to see the results, don't trust a preview.

    Some effects are individually better with each card, but overall there is not a huge difference between RX 580 and GTX 1080 within Premiere. Has a lot more to do with fine tuning from 3rd party manufacturers to take advantage of the GPU properly. This should improve over the next few months, especially if the RX 580 is the recommended card and with all of the eGPU’s using the RX 580. Expect to have some updated products out around NAB 2019.

    Metal seems to work better with the RX 580, but in general still needs improvement within Adobe applications. There are random hiccups and/or glitches that need to be re-rendered, stacked/nested, or fixed in some way. If under a time crunch would choose working with OpenCL over Metal with RX 580 if given the option, but ultimately I’d choose the GTX 1080 FE and CUDA - it’s just more reliable.

    Worth noting - swapping GPUs with Premiere Pro CC 2018 requires basically trashing preferences at the program startup. There is a hang/hiccup in the application launch that just gets stuck when sensing a different GPU. Should be interesting to see how Adobe handles that if NVIDIA cards ever work with eGPU. Can't imagine people being happy with that approach.

    Hope this helps someone out there make an informed decision!
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    Unfortunately, this is not native or widely available. Adobe will not tailor their software to an NVIDIA eGPU until official support is available - either directly from NVIDIA via the NVIDIA Web Driver, or until Apple enables (via Web Driver or native). There have always been hacks and workarounds, just like those with TB1 and TB2 that were using during beta before being officially cutoff for TB3 only with the official release.
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    FWIW, passing along info from another forum in case it is helpful for anyone making GPU decisions...

    Adobe MAY be removing CUDA as a renderer option from Premiere Pro and Media Encoder in the next version released for macOS. Currently CUDA is not an available project rendering option in After Effects on Mac, but CUDA is available in Premiere Pro and Media Encoder. Same forum post mentions Adobe will be focusing on Metal and Software Rendering on Mac moving forward.

    As of right now, NVIDIA Web Drivers are still not available for Mojave. According to NVIDIA, CUDA requires NVIDIA Web Drivers on Mac. Wait until the upcoming Apple event to see if there is more info available. Several plugin manufacturers have been optimizing for AMD RX580's recently.
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