Adobe vs. Pixelmator for the average user

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Pandaboots, Sep 11, 2008.

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    Ok, so I downloaded Photoshop Elements 6 trial and threw up a little in my mouth upon launching this hideous monstrosity. I lasted all of 30 seconds before I was uninstalling it. Not only is the interface ugly and jumbled, but it's very unintuitive, non mac-like, and just feels bloated and heavy. Not to mention is installed numerous files and folders in my applications folder.

    I'd like a program that has some intermediate features like layers, ability to change file size and dimensions, ability to cut out portions of the image, add effects, etc. Basically something with core photoshop abilities at an affordable price. I'm just an average user and like to dabble with photos (eg. putting friends head on an animal or say cutting out an apple from a picture, and adding a drop shadow with a transparent background). Photoshop is too expensive and iPhoto lacks the features I need...

    The only program I've seen as of late that has a nice interface (less is more), seems intuitive, is feature packed and is priced right is Pixelmator.

    I would like to hear from some seasoned Pixelmator users and/or Adobe converts to reassure me that this product is as awesome as it appears to be (or recommend an even better product).
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    You can try GIMP

    Actually photoshop elements 6 is pretty good. It has allot of what photoshop cs3 has to offer, but easier to use.

    All products from adobe are blotted, system hungry hogs. They take forever to install.
    If you thought photoshop elements took long. Try installing adobe Web Suite Premium CS3

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