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    I upgraded to acrobat X pro and I don't really like the new version as I can't find half the features I was used to in acrobat 9 and I am too busy at the moment to play around with it.

    I have acrobat 9 but I can't change it to the default PDF viewer without un-installing acrobat X for some strange reason.

    Anyway one of the reasons I don't like acrobat X is the change in the print dialogue. See screen shots attached

    In the old version you got a standard mac print dialogue but in the new version you get the "adobe" version I guess and I can't understand how to print double sided. Yes my printer can print double sided as you can see I have set up presets so it works for all applications- well it did until I updated adobe grrrrr anyway I will just uninstall it which makes it a pain with the serial code etc (I assume it will just be reset and will be able to use again) but if anyone knows how to at least view the traditional mac print dialogue box or at least print double sided on acrobat X MAC (there is a tutorial on the adobe site for WINDOWS!!) that would be great.

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