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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by GFLPraxis, Apr 15, 2011.

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    I'm working on building an application that will appeal to a specific but rather dedicated niche. I'm trying to figure out how best to monetize; simply selling the app for $1.99 or using advertisements. However, I simply have no idea how much money the ad-supported model translates to.

    Is the general consensus to use AdMob or iAds?

    What kind of returns are made on ads per user? Is there any studies or statistics I can refer to to get an idea of what I can expect depending on my users' usage patterns?
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    One of the regulars around here, Sander, has a link to this in his signature:

    It describes his personal experience with this topic, and what affect any price tag (vs. free) has on how many people will use your app, and how that affects revenues. I haven't written any apps for the app store myself, but it was an interesting read for me anyway, so hopefully it is helpful for you.

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    That'd be me.

    I'd say it depends a lot on the type of application you are talking about. If it's of the type "I need this for my work, and if I use it only once or twice, I'd gladly pay $2 for it because it saves me a lot of time" then go for paid. If its something that few people will use, but they will use it often (as in a reference manual of sorts), then these few people will generate many ad views, and making it ad-supported may be beneficial.
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    Much appreciated. As a sort of reference utility, I think I'll go the ad-supported route. A question, however. I suspect much of the userbase will be iPod Touch owners. Do ads cache when the iPod Touch is offline, or simply not display?
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    You don't have an iOS device? Just turn on airplane mode and test your app.

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