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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by EmpyreanUK, Oct 15, 2012.

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    Mar 6, 2011

    When calling my mobile phone operator recently, the chap I was speaking to began launching into a scripted pitch regarding a sale they're currently having for home broadband. My current provider recently increased their prices, so if I took them up on their offer I'd stand to save around £10 a month.

    The guy I was speaking to also said that over the next couple of months they're rolling out their fibre optic broadband service. He said that I would automatically be moved over when the service became available in my area, that I could expect to receive between 60 and 80 Mbps downstream, and that the cable going into my home would not have to be changed and that no new sockets would have to be installed. Hmmm.

    What really made me suspicious, however, was when I told him that I currently have my own modem (ADSL 2+) and a separate wireless router, and that I'm happy with both and don't want to change them (if it ain't broke...). He assured me that it would be fine for me to continue using my own router, and that I would not even need a new modem.

    Now this last part sounds like complete ******** to me. I had always assumed that the maximum speed of ADSL 2+ was 24 Mbps, and from what I could glean from the technobabble on Wikipedia, this does indeed seem to be the case. Furthermore, I would also assume (though I have to say I don't know much about these things) that a different form of modulation would be used over fibre optic in order to achieve these supposed 60–80 Mbps.

    Is this the case? Was the call centre man just telling me whatever he thought I wanted to hear in order to get a sale? My suspicions weren't exactly assuaged when he reassured me that new cable would definitely not need to be run to my house (this in itself is completely plausible and what I would expect), as the improved fibre optic speeds were determined by the way in which 'they jiggle the cable around or something' (not as plausible).

    For the record the modem I have is a Draytek Vigor 120. Thanks in advance for any help or advice!
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    Oct 25, 2008
    The salesman probably would have also promised that the bills for your new service would be delivered by unicorns and covered in glitter if it got you to sign up.

    I would want more details before I signed up - the details so far seem a little "fishy" to say the least. The fact that the salesman said you wouldn't even need to change your modem for the new service seems quite far fetched.

    The fastest ADSL2+ speed I could find advertised in the UK was 48 mbps with a bonded line (two 24 mbps ADSL2+ lines).

    It's possible that you're being sold VDSL2. That has a 100 mbps theoretical max and it's typical deployment in the UK appears to be in the 60-80 mbps range (Sold by Openreach).

    You would need a new modem for VDSL2.
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    And for true fibre-optic products a cable modem. Never trust the sales pitch..:)

    If you are looking for a service provider that isn't too bad in the UK then VM's unlimited package is pretty good...I use the piece of junk they call a router as a modem only, and let my TC and AE take care of my wifi.
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    Apr 29, 2011
    I'm pretty sure it is VDSL2 they are pushing. If so it will definitely need a new modem and, depending on the layout of the telephone wires inside your house, might require you to locate your modem somewhere else. Reason for this is that telephone installation typically has a "main" wire connection point with all others as "spurs". To get good VDSL2 speeds the modem needs to be at the "main" entry point. ADSL2 doesn't care.

    E.G. For me the "main" location is in the attic but I currently have the modem (also a Vigor) and the Airport Extreme on the ground floor. If I were to switch I would have to use a new modem and put it in the attic.

    Be also aware that there are only a few service providers who actually own fibre, so this GSM provider may well have to lease from someone else (may not be the case with your existing ISP). Not sure how much this affects VDSL2 quality and dependability, but I have had problems with potential suppliers saying they can supply me with VDSL2 and then discovering that there's no actual fibre outside my house ('cos the other guy hasn't got around to laying it yet)
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    Mar 6, 2011
    Thank you all for your advice!

    The mobile phone company in question was Orange, so presumably this fibre optic will provided by the ridiculously-named Everything Everywhere whenever that rolls out.

    Still, at least I now know that they were chatting bollocks, as we rent the flat we live in so we can't have any cables run through walls. The wiring in this gaff is pretty chaotic, and I know that previously there was more than one phone socket, but the socket itself was removed and the wire ending was buried in the wall underneath filler.

    Given the mess of wiring, the fact we can't drill holes in walls and that the people I spoke to at Orange (I've spoken to two different people about it) both lied outrightly to me, I think I'll tell them to poke it up their arses and stick with what I have. Between my girlfriend and I, the 18 Mbps we get from our O2 broadband is plenty.

    Thank you once again for all of your help, you've potentially saved me a lot of grief!
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    Apr 29, 2011
    Glad to help. I've also had a go around with Orange, but not in the UK. Here, they lease from the original PTT for any Internet stuff that isn't mobile related, but still present themselves as the main supplier. IMO the only people to buy fibre related services from are the Telco or the Cable companies. Mobile is another story.
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    Jun 4, 2011
    I have a 100/10mb optical broadband, and it requires a VDSL2-modem.

    It costs 20 euros per month... (that's like 25 dollars.)

    Well worth the money! :p

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