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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by Anamorphy, Oct 5, 2008.

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    Oct 5, 2008
    Hi, recently I realised that my current solution for virtualizing Win on my MacBook isn't well done, I can't do certain tasks I want to and I need some help with configuration, as I can't find my questions already answered on forums.

    For better readability, I'll just write down a list of features I want (instead of long paragraphs)

    1. I need to always run Win on my MacBook, always use Coherence/Unity (hopefully MacBook 3GB RAM, September '07 would be enough).

    2. Fully functional home network between OSX(MacBook), Win(MacBook) and Win(PC). I need to share a printer connected to the PC with MacBook(Win and OSX).

    3. When I connect (another) printer at work to MacBook's USB I want it to work on both MB-Win and OSX, without further connecting to the MB-Win through some VMware's context menus.

    4. I've got a mobile internet from T-Mobile (Flash-OFDM), but the device has not drivers for OSX. It would be great to just plug it in (USB) and let the MacBook-Win recognize it and share the internet with MacBook-OSX (most wanted feature).

    5. Use tethering from my cell phone on OSX and share the internet with MacBook-Win.

    6. As Office 2008 doesn't support VB scripts and is god-damned slow, I'd like to open all the doc/xls files within OSX with Office 2003(Win) (it's much faster than 2007/2008 even virtualised).

    7. Windows programs should be able to access Mac's filesystem, so Chrome will download the file directly to Mac's Downloads folder.

    8. And finally, ability to replace that crappy Windows icons (so the minimalised explorer window in the OSX dock won't show its pixelated icon).

    So, WinXP/Vista/Vista64? Parallels or VMware? And most importantly, how to configure the network? Thanks much for answers.

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