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    I apologize if this isn't the correct forum to put this, but I didn't see one on networking.

    I have a personal Mac Mini server running at home that serves as an SSH tunnel, proxy, media server, etc. What I'm trying to accomplish is to connect my Mac Mini to my VPN provider (using OpenVPN) but have only select applications or traffic actually travel through the VPN.

    The default of my current VPN is that all traffic passes through it. I know I can place `route-nopull` on my OpenVPN config to prevent my gateway from being reset, but I then don't know how to direct certain network traffic through that interface.

    So what it comes down to is wanting my server to run its traffic through the OpenVPN interface (utun1) and have select traffic (whether it be by port, protocol, etc) through eth0. Any insight into this would be helpful. Thanks!
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    You want to look up some policy based vpn solution. Best free way to do it would use pfsense or any other open source firewall. Their may be ways to do it on OS X natively but I'm not sure

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