Advanced video & photo camera for iPad 2: Camera Boost 2

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    Camera Boost 2 is discounted by 60% until Wednesday!

    iTunes link:

    A quick description first, because this is quite different from other camera apps!

    Camera Boost is a camera app, it takes photos and videos, and it also includes an advanced image adjustment, enhancement and effects system. The difference is that you apply effects and adjustments live, in the viewfinder, while taking pictures or recording video. That means zero delays for 'processing' or 'saving', and it means you see the finished picture/video while you're taking it.


    The old (v1) camera boost was very well reviewed (see the app store description for links). V2 is a complete re-write, with many new features and improvements.


    Main features:

    • HD Video Recording (960x720, 30fps, optimal for the iPad screen) and photos
    • All effects, filters etc. shown realtime in the live camera view
    • Most effects are adjustable, and you can combine effects. No limitations, and no slowdown if you add tons of effects! You can use all effects at once if you want.
    • Add or remove effects, adjust them, do what you want - even while recording!
    • Noise reduction. Yep, get that camera noise back under control!
    • Lots of effects. That 'black and white except the color red' effect is in there - adjustable, and works with video. There's an HDR effect. Trackpads to control color balance and lighting. Lots more!
    • Presets. There's a bunch included (sepia, aged film, 'horror' and more), and you can create your own.
    • Front and rear camera, 4x digital zoom (works with video of course), tap anywhere to lock exposure.

    I'm hugely happy to release this - it's the result of 6 months of hard work. The engine that drives it (Unlimited FX Engine) is pretty groundbreaking - it'll process HD video at 30fps while writing high quality video to disk, no matter how many effects you throw at it.


    Hopefully some of you will like it - let me know either way! Many of the new features came from customer feedback from version 1. Also, please post up any photos or videos you make with camera boost!


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    Special offer and promo codes

    To celebrate an excellent launch, we've dropped the price by 60% until Wednesday (now $2, normally $5). I've also got hold of 5 promo codes so there are 5 free copies up for grabs here: [COLOR="Gray"][/COLOR] (They're all gone now, sorry!)

    Please let us know what you think of the app here if you grab one!
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    I have been playing with this application all morning and love it. I think this is the best camera application for the IPAD I have used. I do own quite a few programs to get different effects, now I think I will bin them all in favor of Camera boost it has all the features I use in one program, film effects, filters, HDR and much more. No more switching, now I can do everything in one program:D. It's a brilliant program, Thank you.

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