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    Jul 25, 2011
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    Can anyone here tell me what are some advantages of using iTunes match compared to let's say, Google Music?

    Google Music lets you upload 20K songs for free whereas iTunes match lets upload upload 25K songs for like $25 or $30 (I think) a year.

    What features does iTunes match have over Google Music that is worth the price tag? (for those who use both)
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    Aug 24, 2009
    I tried iTunes Match, and despite it being a bit slow, I thought it a great service.

    I have since ditched it as it has replaced my explicit tracks with clean versions and decided it was going to error on every compatible device with about a 1/3 of my collection, resulting in quite a lot of my music not being available.

    Just so you know, iTunes Match is not uploading. It is matching your track with the track on the iTunes Store. So really, the big advantage is that there is nothing to upload. Big disadvantages are what I described above. It can be slow in matching (and uploading any unmatched tracks), it likes to replace explicit songs with clean ones and for me, quite a lot of my tracks turned out un-downloadable.
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    Judging by others experience of the time it takes to up and download, I would be waiting about a year....:D

    I also have music tracks with explicit lyrics that I don't want changed, so I don't use it at all.

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