Advertising Options in iOS 4 - what to do?

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by LastLine, Jul 11, 2010.

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    Aug 24, 2005
    So I've recently started releasing my Apps for free and I'm attempting to use advertising revenue to fund further production. I wondered if I could encourage a bit of discussion on the subject here as there isn't much out there really other than people swooning over iAd.

    I'm currently using iAd, the platform seems great, it's integrated into iTunesConnect which is great and it's easy to implement. On the downside it seems to be US only at this time meaning that my UK targetted Apps are going unnoticed on the whole.
    The high market value of items (for example SEAT cars) mean that Click Through is likely to be lower as people are generally not as likely to want to activate it as they are say, an advert for an App.

    AdMob is my next target - I'm trying to implement this into an existing app but it doesn't seem to work on iOS 4.0 through following the tutorial enclosed with the SDK. The sample apps work fine, but when I follow the instructions it seems lacking and crashes the app. This said the lower value of the adverts targets (generally app store apps) means click through should be higher and they generally seem to manage to have a higher ad inventory available than iAd at the moment.

    So does anyone have any thoughts on the subject? Which advertising platform do you use for iOS 4 and why?

    Also enclosed is my post from stack overflow in case anyone can help with the Admob in iOS4 issues I'm having.
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    It's disappointing that adMob is crashing on iOS 4. Have you looked at any of the Stanford iPhone lectures on iTunes U? There is a nice one where an app developer comes in and talks alot about monetizing apps, it's called "From Student to Startup" or something along those lines... The gist of it was that you should build in support for multiple ad platforms, because you never know when fill rates wi
    l drop, or when ad views will start crashing your app. Soyou want totryto have control over/know what is going on in your app while it is in the field.
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    Aug 24, 2005
    I'll check the video out, thanks for the tip.

    Is AdMob a known issue on iOS 4 or am I just doing something wrong in the coding? I have suspicions it's me...

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