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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by Dr.Pants, Feb 8, 2010.

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    Now, I know MR can do what they want with advertisments. But I couldn't help but notice the one in the attached photo drift out, in addition to the fact that most of the ads are discreet banners. I can remember an ad provider in the past had some screwup, so I was naturally concerned when this ad floated out.

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    I don't see any image you've posted in or attached to your message.

    Are you talking about the "Take a Survey" ad?
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    Weird @ image. Well, I attached it to this post. I hope. I had some "special" moments posting earlier today.

    But yes. Take a survey by

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    Yeah, I understand ad revenue and all, but the pop up kind like this one are my least favorite. I don't mind banners or things that I can click on if I choose to, but when my interaction with a site is interrupted because of an advertisement that I have to close before I can move on, well... :mad:.

    I hope MR decides not to use any other ads like this one.
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    Ads are necessary for the site's business but ads that leave the ad area, hover over text, make noise, or in other ways annoy our users aren't doing anybody any good.

    You've already posted a screenshot so if you can also tell us what URL the ad links to we'll try to get it removed by contacting our ad service.
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