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    I am a graphic designer, my job will be getting the new mac pro with all new system and stuff all the goodies so the Pro is not top priority as originally. I need to upgrade my G4Blua apple. I have this weekend to decide since my brother is letting me use his student discount to get a computer. Also I am starting to look for freelance work. I like the Imac or imac and laptop deal because I like to be minimalist with clutter in my room. YAY for living with parents DAMM cost of living inflation *tangent*

    Programs I use:

    WebDesign:Moderate Spring 07:Alot
    After Effects:Hardly->Moderate
    Avid or Final Cut: Hardly -> Moderate
    DVD Editing and Ripping: Alot
    I want to experience Video Editing just to get my fingers wet but I will get into web alot more.
    Most projects Iam good in time soo speed isnt much of a concern.

    I only have few questions for clarifications

    For the IMac can I connect my cable box, DVD player or other electronics to my computer and use it as a TV screen?

    I hear IMac lifespan is shorter because of the way its built compared to Mac Pro or Desktop computer. I know Pro can be upgraded in long run but is the Options that are available really necessary for someone who does Print design?

    Is the IMac 24 in really HD or because of the resolution its considered HD?
    HD=High Definition

    Option A 2299
    Mac Pro:Default Setup
    Will upgrade Ram from Crucial at later time (Black Friday)

    Option B 1899
    24 in IMac:Upgrade Ram

    Option C: 2300-2500
    20 in IMac: Upgrade Ram
    MacBook Option 1 or 2:Upgrade Ram
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    Mar 31, 2004
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    1. Yes by 3rd party hardware from

    2. I don't believe this is true. You can't upgrade the iMac but its lifespan would be about the same.

    3. Any modern computer display is HD.

    I would go with B.
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    For a print designer, any of those systems will pack more than enough power to satisfy. Be aware, however, that apple's entire lineup has been transitioned to intel processors, and the original programs that ran on the powerpc processor architechture need to be recompiled and changed into universal binaries to run on intel chips. This means that for every program you used to use on your G4, you need a universal binary version to run on your new mac. The iLife suite is completely UB so there's no worries there, but Adobe has not yet released a UB of their creative suite. They're expected to, but have not yet. Keep that in mind.

    You CAN run the old PPC versions of applications on the intel macs, but you'll loose something like 50% of your speed through emulation. This isn't that bad actually, even for adobe programs. A new dual core chip emulating 50% speed is still quite a bit faster than your old G4. You could definitely hold out until UB versions of adobe's applications come out.

    As far as picking which mac is for you, if you think you might do things like upgrade the graphics card, upgrade the processor, add more hard drives, add a second optical drive, or go past 3GB ram (which is the max for the iMacs), then i'd go with the mac pro. Definitely future proof through it's expandability. On the other hand, the iMac is a great price for a computer that still will last you a long while and zero clutter. As far as laptops, ask yourself how much you're going to take it with you places. If the answer is "not much" then don't get a laptop. The price isn't worth it if you aren't going to travel with it IMHO.
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    Just as a reponse to the previous poster... Lot's of PPC apps run pretty well on intel macs. In fact the base Mac Pro can run Adobe CS2 at almost the same speed as a G5 quad. Yes emulation of course is slower than running an app natively, but 50% is a huge exageration.

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