Advice about SSD when selling 2011 MBPro

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by SD-B, May 30, 2015.

  1. SD-B, May 30, 2015
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    SD-B macrumors 6502


    Apr 1, 2009
    Hi, getting ready to sell my Late 2011 MBPro, 13"

    I have never upgraded it from what came with it and am wondering if anyone call tell me which of the two ways would be best to offer that will appeal to buyers more.

    MacBook Pro 13" Model Number A1278 2.4Ghz version

    I can either sell it as is. It is in perfect condition. I haven't used it all that much and barely at all in the past year so my battery is still good, etc.

    OR I can have an SSD drive I have purchased but not yet opened, installed.

    That being this one,


    Crucial M500 240GB SATA 2.5-Inch 7mm (with 9.5mm adapter) Internal Solid State Drive CT240M500SSD1

    I understand since i purchased the above SSD drive at Xmas, there is a slightly newer version of it, the
    Crucial BX100 250GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive - CT250BX100SSD1

    So not sure what to do. I can have it installed and my OS formatted to...for only $35!

    (not sure which OS X is best on this one to have it set to?)

    Can anyone please advise?

    I also have an older, late 2009 MBP that has a dying hard drive and a battery almost done.
    Assuming it isnt worth saving, for i thought if i put this drive into it, maybe I could just use it as a Browser, basic email---something to use in bed, thats all.

    I have the new 27" retina iMac so naturally I am finding that i use thi8s one all of the time.
    I originally bought the SSD drive figuring I would upgrade the MBP and have my husband finally become computer proficient but he's just not interested.
    He loves his iPad and his iPhone and thats all he needs.

    So, any ideas as to what my best choice might be? If all fails, I can just sell the SSD drive as i have never opened it.
    Not sure if it makes a difference but I am in Canada, Toronto, not the US although I cant really imagine mylocation would make any difference

    Admitedly i haven't the vaguest idea at this point what I would even sell it at although I won't sell it for anything less that than its worth ;)

  2. z31fanatic macrumors 6502a


    Mar 7, 2015
    Mukilteo, WA USA
    I'd sell it as is with the stock drive.
    Since the hard drive is failing on the 2009, stick the SSD in it and buy a new battery to bring it back to life.
  3. magbarn macrumors 68000

    Oct 25, 2008
    Do not sell with the SSD. You will never get that money back. I've mostly sold my used MBP to Uni students and they're more interested in the model/size/condition of the MBP rather than if it has a SSD. Most joe six packs will give you a blank stare when you ask them about SSD's!
  4. durruti macrumors regular


    Mar 26, 2004
    I'd sell the late 2011 13" mbp with original 5400rpm spinner HD.

    For the 2009 MBP with failing hard drive, I'd either sell it for parts and sell the SSD separate, or install the SSD and sell the mbp as 'working'.

    However, considering patience and skills of opening a mbp, I might reconsider. Lots of effort and time, with chance of failure.
  5. SD-B, May 30, 2015
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    Apr 1, 2009
    Thanks, all of you. I have made my decision and you are all right. I will sell it as is.

    I would like to maybe put the SSD drive into the old MBP IF it will make it work.
    I am not looking for much use out of it.
    It would really be something i might take to bed and browse the news with.
    I would unlikely even use it for email.

    I am now going to go into the MBP 2011 forum and ask which OS X nowadays is good for that one and thats the one i will set it up to.
    I know some time ago, many with his same model were complaining that Yosemite just killed their hard drive so I obviously dont wish to do that, hence will find out now a days which is the best choice for a 2011 MBP :)

    And then find out which OS is best for the 2009 Mac but if i am just using it to browse it might be best to take it back to Snow Leopard which I have all the CDs for ..........

    Thank you.
    I believe there is some function here that I can press which shows that the question/thread has been answered. If so, I can't find it but if anyone else wishes to chime in, feel free but as far as the original question, what to do for selling it, I do have the right answer now thanks to the fine answers above! :)


    That I have to give thought to over the next week as I dont have time, patience or the knowledge to do is and would have to pay someone else to do so....whether it is worth it remains to be seen
  6. z31fanatic macrumors 6502a


    Mar 7, 2015
    Mukilteo, WA USA
    Don't be intimidated. The classic MBP is very easy to work on. No need to pay someone to install a drive or an operating system.
  7. SD-B, May 30, 2015
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    Apr 1, 2009

    I dont mind installing software, operating systems etc....i just have a natural aversion to opening them up and using tools.
    Im not handy at all in that manner.

    I dont think, as a female, I am all that uncommon....i dont think many of us really like to tinker inside :)

    But I will take that into consideration. As soon as I have time in a day or two I will look up what one has to fully do to change them.
    I dont think hardware likes me.


    BUT that might be right and on second thought IF i am ever going to get comfy doing so it might be best to try it on one old enough, from 2009 IF i somehow make it compoletely uusuaable ever again, its not as bad as doing that to one from late 2011 :)
  8. magbarn macrumors 68000

    Oct 25, 2008
    Get on Plenty of really good guides there. If you are willing to do this, make sure you have high-quality phillips/torx screwdrivers in the correct sizes. The reason why many fail is that they strip the screws when using the wrong size or cheap screwdriver.

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