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Discussion in 'iMac' started by zer0tails, Jan 7, 2013.

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    Hi everyone! :)

    Just sold my 4 year old mac pro today. I have been out of the mac game for awhile but am planning on getting a 27" iMac and I would REALLY appreciate the advice of those more knowledgeable than I on configuring it.

    Objective: Most bang for the buck configuration. A computer that will last me at least 3 years and be able to do everything listed below with speed.

    Work: Document writing, spreadsheets, powerpoints, Android development.

    Fun: Media such as web browsing, youtube, netflix watching and light gaming (think plants vs zombies, the walking dead etc.)


    Low end 27" or high end 27" Fusion drive..yes or no? I would prefer a SSD but am wondering if it is user replaceable. Is a processor upgrade worth it? Or is that $$ better spent on Fusion drive?

    Is Ram user replaceable or do I need to upgrade?

    Do I need a graphics card with 1GB RAM?

    IMPORTANT: I have a 27"Apple display that uses mini display port. Will I be able to pair this with the imac for dual screen set up?

    Thanks! :D
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    In no particular order:
    • RAM is user upgradeable on the 27" If you need more than the base memory, I'd recommend buying a 3rd party 16MB memory kit to put in the empty memory slots.
    • Disks are not [easily] user replaceable. Fusion drive is probably enough for what you've stated you'll be using the system for.
    • As for video ram, it depends on what the android development does. also, the 1 GB memory might make the system last longer for you.
    • For only the $200 difference between the 27" models, it is probably worth getting the higher end unit.
    • Your 27" display with the MDP connector will plug in to a Thunderbolt port.

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