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    My younger daughter started middle school this year and I perhaps foolishly offered to live stream her school's concerts on YouTube, with only a couple of days to get things set up for the winter one, which is over already.

    Here's the current set up. The school has a thriving music department, with about 400 students doing strings or band. However, they are lacking in resources, so the concert takes place in the school gym. The school can't (or won't) even pay for acoustic panels to cut down on the reverb you get in gyms.

    Anyway, that concert is over, and although the video was ok, if still not great, the audio is muddied and clipped even with lowered input level, and didn't do justice to the performers - here's the recording (music starts at about 25minutes):

    Given the limited time I used a Logitech c920 webcam. I borrowed an external mic but couldn't get it to work with either my Mac or a borrowed PC so had to use the webcam's internal mic, but with the odious Logitech RightSound noise cancelling turned off.

    For the Spring concert, I will probably have access to an audio mixer and multiple mics, although that will be handled by another parent. So, given this, and with a preference for using my MacBook Pro, are there any experts or gifted amateurs here who have done something similar?

    What would you use? Preferably a 1080p camera (or two or three to ensure full visual coverage if cheap enough)? How far from the streaming computer can they be? How to get audio into the Mac (RCA to USB?). Software - eg. Wirecast vs Hangouts?

    Edit: by the way, iPhone streaming is not an option. There are about 800 parents with smart phones, wifi gets saturated quickly, and the cellular coverage is mediocre at best. I would like to set up one or more cameras in fixed locations.
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    We use these at work but then again its a broadcast company prob and way out of budget.

    In terms of camera, one would be easier (and cheaper) and just keep it wide unless a kid as a solo. But either way you'll piss of one parent or another as there kid won't be featured.
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    Thanks, that's probably out of my price range (if I have to ask how much the camera is, it's probably too much) - the reason I'm thinking of multiple cameras is that when positioned in the center, a webcam doesn't have a wide enough angle of view to get everyone in one shot. Also, the strings and band don't typically play together, since the band is loud enough to drown out the strings, so I could switch the video to the appropriate camera. I made a quick SketchUp of the position of the various performer positions likely at their next performance.

    My current thinking is:
    3x 1080p USB webcams (between 72-90 degrees angle of view)
    1 lightweight tripod, center
    2x gorillapods attached to bleacher railings to hold left and right cameras
    Computer in top center, near center camera connected to ethernet port in coach's office.
    USB to Cat5 adapters from left/right cameras to center and 2x 50' Cat5 cables
    50' RCA audio cable from mixer to computer (Audio mixer is usually positioned to the rear of performers on the left of choir/ukulele and mics are usually: in center of strings, in center of band, near rock band/jazz band, beside piano)
    RCA to USB/optical out adapter
    Powered USB hub
    Total cost about $500. I just want to be able to toss everything (except for the computer) into a storage box for the music teachers to keep, with instructions on how to set it up when I'm no longer around. I'm not sure of the exact size of the gym, but it's at least the size of a middle school basketball court (74'x42') and smaller than high school basketball court (80'x50')

    I don't know much about connecting multiple USB sources through a hub - would it accept 3x 1080p video feeds plus an audio feed or would it fall back to USB 2.0 480Mb/s and degrade overall performance? Would RCA to USB or optical converter provide decent audio into a MBP?
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