Advice for beginner from Oboe or Trumpet musicians.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by RubbishBBspeed, May 9, 2010.

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    Aug 1, 2009
    Finally decided o get serious about learning a musical instrument, I've always had a passion for the Saxophone and the Trumpet but cost and time have always prohibited. I'd like to learn either the Trumpet or the Oboe to start, the Sax is just too loud and I'd like a bit of confidence and ability before tackling the Sax.

    Browsing the internet, there are beginner Trumpets from £200 and but no beginner Oboes' which seem to start from £800 (bit pricey for beginning possibly)?

    I've popped into a few shops but they quickly dismiss everything but the most expensive instruments (£2000 + at least). Overlooking the fact that I'm a complete beginner. I tried to point out that most peoples first car is usually a runabout for a few hundred quid and they upgrade as confidence and ability come with experience but this fell on deaf ears.

    Could someone please advise the best way to start and possibly a respectable brand to start with. I could advise for europe on cars and gadgets, instruments though I'm a complete novice.

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    This isn't going to answer your question, but have you considered the clarinet? I had clarinet lessons all the way through school (attained Grade 7 Jazz) and found it very easy to pick up the saxophone later. The technique and fingering is pretty much identical.

    On a more general note - could you rent an instrument to start? If you decide you don't like it - you just take it back, no big deal.
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    Aug 1, 2009
    A neighbour has mentioned renting too, Howarth in London have said they credit three months rental charge against the purchase price of a new instrument. and it's £175 for three months rental for the Howarth S20C oboe. I think I'll go with your suggestion of renting and see how things go.

    Last time I'd tried to learn the Sax was about 15 years ago and renting wasn't an option and my school then had lost it's rental privilege from damaging too many instruments.

    No just a matter of finding a bulk supplier of ear plugs and upsetting a few neighbours.

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