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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Jade'sFire, Feb 16, 2011.

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    I want to get an 11" MBA as a complement to my iMac to use when I want to escape from the home office and for (non-business) travelling. Basically I think I'd be using it for surfing the 'net and word processing, though I also want my iTunes and iPhoto libraries available. I've never owned a laptop before so I apologize if the following questions are obvious to experienced users.

    1. How much RAM and storage space should I be looking at? Would the 2GB/64GB suffice or should I go for 4/128? Money is definitely an issue.

    2. Will I need the external Superdrive?

    3. Should I get the AppleCare?

    4. What's the easiest way to transfer my current files from my iMac? I do have Time Machine set up and used it last time when switching Macs but I don't want all the stuff on my iMac going to the MBA.

    5. How do I keep the iTunes library updated when I get new content? Is that where Home sharing comes in?

    6. If there any point in waiting for the rumoured Sandy Bridge update or just go for the current model?

    Many thanks in advance—I really do appreciate your help.:D
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    1. It sounds like the stock RAM would suffice for what you are doing on it. (ie. surfing, pics, music, etc.)

    2. Unless you require CD/DVD access while on the go, I think there is a way to access your imac DVD player from the MacBookAir so I say no. (You can always purchase later if you desire)

    3. You should search http://mroogle.*************/ and put in applecare to get the run down on people's thoughts on Applecare. I have always been against it, but am glad right now that I have it on my MBP. (But I am an educator so I got a huge discount to get AppleCare. Not sure I would have purchased it full price.)

    4. NOt sure

    5. HOme sharing rocks- it allows you to transfer new purchases to keep things up to date on both Macs!

    6. Not sure but I woudl say unless you need it, wait for update and then either buy the newest or get a slightly older one for cheaper or even a refurb to save some real cash!

    Good Luck.
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    1. 2GB of RAM should be fine but the SSD capacity is up to you. 64GB SSD has around 50GB of free space when you boot it for the first time. If that 50GB is enough to hold your iTunes and iPhoto data, then the cheapest MBA should be fine.

    4. Connect the HD and drag&drop the files you want.

    6. No. MBA was updated only couple of months ago. The next update is most likely months away, so waiting for something that you don't need does not make much sense.

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