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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by c073186, May 31, 2008.

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    I have an Aeron chair and the casters that come with it are not that great. I use it on a chair mat but it still not very smooth to move around. I don't think it is my chair mat because it is supposedly a high quality one (1/4" thick, cost me like $150). So there are two other caster options offered by Herman Miller:

    a / Deep carpet casters. These are the same material as I currently have (plastic) but they are slightly larger and looser to allow for more free movement.

    b / Hard floor casters. These are the same size as my current ones, but have a rubber coating instead of plastic.

    See a description of all three:

    Which do you think would offer better performance? The customer service rep from Herman Miller said that sometimes the plastic casters can be a problem on a chair mat because plastic will stick to plastic. But a chair mat is not really a "hard floor" as in hardwood or tile, so I don't know that the rubber ones would be best. I know there are a lot of intelligent, analytical people in these forums so please help me decide which would improve the situation the most.
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    What I did, was put a hardwood floor mat on top of a carpet mat. Less sinking in. Some depends on your weight, as to whether the wheels will imprint into the mats. If they do, then any wheels will do. You could pick up a piece of 1/2 inch Plywood to go under the mat, and make the surface harder, and therefor easier to roll on.
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    I suggest replacing the chair wheel is a better idea. The chair mat is not very practical as you are confine within the mat area which usually is very limited. I recently installed a new oak wood floor on my home office and the hard plastic wheel was marring the floor. Got a softer polyurethane wheel from amazon for less than 40 bucks and solve my problem. made by Rolland, RL50PG. Just make sure your metal stem match the specification. The poly wheels also roll smoothly on the hardwood floor compare tot he original wheel.
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    Aug 11, 2010
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    What kind of floor do you have? Carpet, hardwood, tile....

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