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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by lampdeskchair, Jan 31, 2008.

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    Jul 26, 2007
    I've had multiple issues with my 4 1/2 month old Macbook. First the keyboard randomly completely stopped working. So I sent it in and they repaired it, I got it back in about 3 weeks.. A month later (today) the hardrive blew. I ran all the steps they asked to fix it, disk utility couldn't even see the hardrive. Though I wasn't surprised since I heard a super loud clicking from the dead hardrive. heh not to mention a lot of minor issues like having to get the hinges fixed (wouldn't open/close properly and would squeak) as well.

    Well I was talking to the service guy and he was pretty cool I guess. Eventually we worked out overnight shipping to and from repair. I asked if there was any compensation I could get out of all of this, since my notebook being in repair constantly, losing all my data (projects/videos/ect), and being a student is really frustrating for me. He seemed to understand and felt bad for everything. Since customer relations just closed (it was like 6:30pm) he said he'll give a note personally to customer relations about everything and I'll be put through directly to them tomorrow instead of having to wait on hold.

    So what can I expect and how should I approach this? Think I could sorta milk the fact I lost all my data and an upgrade to Leopard would be good for time machine? Heh
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    A calm request for a copy of Leopard and free Applecare would not be out of line.
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    Right back where I started...
    Just be polite and not cross - tell your story and calmly query on any kind of remediation for your trouble. -I believe the kind approch in the end can get the desired result. Don't be too wishy washy though or they may do nothing for you...;)
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    Gonna call in a bit. I'll post back with whatever happens. I'll keep it cool and politely ask if I could be bumped up to leopard. Not really expecting anything, even some apple store credit or even a code to redeem for some free itunes music would be cool. ;)


    Sweet, she was really cool and said a leopard upgrade would be alright. She left a note about it, and said she wants to hear how the repair goes first. Then I can call back and they will send it to me in about a week. :D

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