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    Hello Mac Users! Been going through the forum threads for a few hours, but haven't found a related one that discusses my question. Can you give some tips (or direct me to the relevant website / thread):

    Since mac laptops now have smaller SSD drives (128 or 256GB for the MBA), how did you adjust your workflow / setup when you transferred from a larger HDD (500GB+ before circa 2012)?

    I like that all my music, photos and other files are stored in one place, so I've been holding out replacing my mid-2009 MBP. I've simply upgraded ram and the hdd (8gb and 500gb). But I understand that Apple has other ideas on how we can work better (use the cloud?), and I'm willing to adjust when I upgrade to a newer laptop. I can imagine only two crude / undesirable solutions:

    1. Buy a 128GB MBA, then startup on an external usb 3.0 drive that contains all my files. I have to bring the drive around, wherever I go. Disadvantage: data access speeds are suboptimal because I'm not taking advantage of the internal ssd. Advantage: my workflow does not change.

    2. Put all non-essential OS-related files (music, photos, etc) on the external usb drive, while running the OS and apps on the internal ssd. Disadvantage: more frequent housekeeping and "archiving" from internal ssd to external hdd, to offload data from small ssd.

    Is there a better way to do things? Maybe I'm missing an option. Internet access is not available in all the places where I work (park, beach house), so using the cloud is undesirable for me. TIA for your advice!
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    Your best bet would be get a Synology NAS DS415play and move your iTunes and Photo Libraries on that NAS and use all the Synology Apps to VPN back to the NAS from a smart phone anywhere.

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