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Oct 30, 2007
hello to everyone,
I'm new to Mac and looking at buying a Macbook Pro. I love to edit family video, add cool music, have cool effects. Currently own a Dell and use Roxio and while I like Roxio, I don't like the many problems I've had with it. I cant figure out if it's the software or windows problems. Anyway, I'm a moderate user without alot of time to spend working out bugs (3 small children). I've always heard Apple makes a great computer without all the hassles. I've also heard their software for video is pretty cool. Anybody comments? Like the laptop vs. the PC because of portability.
Also, I love Guild Wars. Can you play GW with the Macbook Pro? Where do you buy the software? I've read about having dual operating platforms now with the ability to use Windows with the Macbook Pro. Is this system working Well?
Bottom line, is the Macbook Pro more user friendly with all of the benefits of a Dell or Gateway?


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Aug 13, 2007
Not where you live.
I believe it was PCWorld that published an article online yesterday that the best laptop to run Vista on was a MacBook Pro. It performed better than any other 'PC type' laptop on the market.

So, yes the dual platform thing is working very well indeed.

If you're into video, pictures and music, the Mac is *the* platform for you. Forget Roxio, it all ships with a new Mac.

I have 2 small children and no time to fiddle around making things work and I find myself so much more productive on a Mac. iMovie 08 is built for people like you and me. We want to get video clips in off the camera and out the door as movies with the minimum of fuss and bother.

iPhoto 08 will change the way you work with your digital photos too. And if you're into creating or fiddling around with music, Garageband is the one to get too.

All the apps I mentioned ship with a new Mac.

Welcome to the community.


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